Sunday, May 23, 2010

The 2nd Big One is Done!

I loaded Stephanie's 116" square quilt last night and I thought it would be days before it was done, but I just kept quilting and ta-da, it's finished. I've never done this type of quilting, called cinnamon bun, but that's what she wanted. She brought some books by Kim Diehl with photos of this quilting design.

My first practice was a 30's panel, which I will bind for a NICU quilt. I thought there was too much space between the swirls.

So, I loaded this Quilt of Valor of Kathy's and tried again. This one is flannel, so the swirls are a bit larger, but I thought I had practiced enough to load Stephanie's quilt.

I think that's enough cinnamon bun quilting for me for a while!

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