Friday, August 20, 2010

Pillowcases and SPAM!

I finished 20 pillowcases this week.........10 for the booth and 10 for the One Million Pillowcase challenge.

I bought the flannel at the garage sale at Haan Crafts. the price was 3 yards for $2 and I got 5 different prints, 4 flannel and one cotton. I picked up some solid flannel at Joanns for the cuffs and made 4 pillowcases from each.

I do believe that blogger has fixed the nasty spam comments. I get an email when a comment has been left and 3 times in the past week there has been an email with the spam. When I actually come to my blog to delete it, there isn't a comment, so somehow they are stopping them from actually appearing. YEA!!
EDIT: I just read about the new spam comment filter. What a great thing!!

Look what grew in our garden........and is it yummy!

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JudyL said...

Love your pillowcases and congrats on a productive garden!