Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm back!

Boy, did I have a good time, but it sure is good to be back home and I can hardly wait to jump into bed tonight. There's nothing like your own bed.

So, how did I do?, you might ask.
Pretty good, I think!

First up was the Storyteller quilt and I got it all put together and the borders added on. I had to go buy a FQ of light green fabric from the store upstairs because I didn't have enough of the greens from the FQ tower from this quilt.

Very pretty, I really like it. Thanks again Vicky for the Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate.

Next up was the log cabin blocks from 2000. I made these blocks about a year after my first quilt. It seemed to me that I had accumulated way too many blue fabrics and I decided to make these blocks. (I must confess that I probably have 5 times more blues today than I did then!) Most of these fabrics were from Joanns or walmart, because I had not discovered quilt shops at that time.

By this time, I was ready for something easy, so I made the Pooh book for Elizabeth. These always seem to take me longer than I intend as they are NEVER printed straight on the fabric. I had to remind myself that it's a book for a nine-month-old. She came to visit with her brothers and her dad on Saturday and it immediately went into her mouth. They had to make a visit because Julie forgot her foot pedal for her machine. We first met Dan at the BGCC on Friday evening and he brought her my Janome Jem Gold to use. Jim was planning a trip to Lafayette on Saturday, so he brought the cord and her littletable then.

Next up was the bag kit that I won at MQS in Kansas City in May. I'll not be teaching this bag anytime soon. It seemed to take me forever.......maybe because the front, back and 4 pockets had to be quilted. I love it though and will be carrying it as soon as I switch things over from my placemat purse.

The inside pockets:

Ah, now for something fun....
The giraffe quilt! I am so happy with how this turned out. I may add another row of squares to the outside, but maybe not. It's a nice size, Julie says crib size, but I might want to make it a little bigger. I'll have to sleep one it. Mine is for a boy, so I didn't add any flower petals, just more leaves.

This is a free pattern by Red Rooster Fabrics.

A close-up of the appliqued leaves:

Julie and I left early today so that we could take Jessica to lunch and then shopping for her 13th birthday. The 2 things I didn't even get started were Andrew's car holder and the Floral Sorbet quilt.

I didn't get a photo yet of the Purdue wallet because I forgot to take velcro, so I couldn't finish it at camp.

I did get some done on the vegetable garden quilt, but didn't get a picture of it either....maybe tomorrow.


Vicki W said...

Sounds like it was a great time! You sure did accomplish a lot.

Mimi said...

Geesh. I am tired after reading al that. You did good girl!!!