Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crazy Nine Patch

Pam's Crazy Nine Patch has just about driven me crazy....not really, but it has been an experience. She sent Thermore Ultra Thin batting, one I've never used. There's not much to it and certainly not much room for those stitches to lock in place. Picking a quilting design took me a while. After lots of practice drawings, I decided on this stencil. There are lots of colors in this quilt top and I couldn't find anything to mark all the colors, so I taped the stencil to the back of a circle lord template, placed it on my table and used it like a pantograph. Clever, huh?

I think it's a great block design for these fabrics.

Next up is Waterworld on Jennifer's Chinese Coins.


Gina said...

Great stencil. However did you pick a thread colour for the quilt. That would have been my stumbling block I think

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Diana said...

WHY!? WHY have I never thought to use a stencil like a panto? You are a genious! (or maybe I'm just big dummy)

Unknown said...

Clever think I may never nedd to mark a stencil again..Thank you