Sunday, February 5, 2012

Janine's Quilt

Janine found my name on Quilters Cache and followed the link to my website and then blog. She then called and made arrangements to send me this quilt. I'm happy she did. I'ts a great scrappy quilt and she plans to sell it at Keepsake Quilting. (which I didn't know one could do.)

I suggested Bountiful Feathers and after looking at many designs she agreed that was a good choice.


Bonnie said...

I've missed reading your blog for weeks. You've done a lot of beautiful quilting. Love the smurf/dora cake. You are multitalented!

Tell your hubby I think he did a fabulous job on his old singer.

He should try putting a price on it and list it on a page on his blog -- I bet it would sell -- if he wants it to! (or you for that matter!)

Claire said...

Yes, Keepsake does sell quilts. You join their silver or gold club and get a lot of things you don't need; however, it qualifies you to sell there on commission...they take 30% I think I remember. If you price a bedquilt low, it gets folded on a shelf and it is a wonder if anyone will look at it. If you price it high, they hang it near the check out and require white gloves for looking. Small quilts are displayed around the store and easy to see and buy.