Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Andrew's Train Quilt

Andrew celebrated his 5th birthday on Sunday and I can't believe how fast these five years have flown by.

As with his previous birthdays, I made him a quilt. I'm not sure I will always make them a quilt for their birthdays, but Julie bought this train panel from the garage sale table at Shipshewana last fall, so I had a starting point for this one.
Dan gave me suggestions for the sashing color and I drew out plans for some railroad track borders and as they say, the rest is history.

Here he is with his quilt at the party. Julie says he likes it and that's what counts, right!

My original plan was for the tracks to go all the way around, but once I got the center pieced, I thought it would have been way too long for his bed.

I bought a fat quarter of train fabric at the show and cut a piece for the label:

The backing is flannel, so it will be a snuggly quilt!


Karen said...

Ruthie, I'm so happy to see those panels finally getting used. They were in my stash for about five years with good intentions for a quilt for my grandson. I just couldn't decide on how to put it together.The quilt looks great and your grandson looks so happy. See you in October.

Bonnie said...

Cute use of the panel. I'm thinking there may be a problem if you make a new quilt for each grand every year. Where do the previous quilts go? LOL ... love the train tracks. Must have taken a while to piece though. Good use of train material for the label too!