Monday, April 9, 2012

Janet's Bow Ties

Janet has a friend that made these bow tie blocks, using the 10-minute block pattern, and she isn't quilting any longer and is in a nursing home. Janet assembled the blocks and added borders while we were at Spring Break retreat.

I chose to do freehand curls and feathers in the bow ties and a molar feather in the border.

Here's the back. See that spot that I missed. It's done now, but I didn't see it until I took this photo.


Marilyn Popplewell said...

Looks great Ruthie. I always love feathers.
Blessings, Marilyn

julieQ said...

YOur quilting makes this pretty quilt look even prettier!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for putting up all the info on this quilt. I just bought the Quick Blocks 2 and the block isn't coming out all that great. I'm going to try the hint given in the directions and I'll take a look at the You Tube video when I can get the internet to be a bit more "robust".

Things look like they are popping with you as usual. Loved your quilt at the end of Quiltmakers current edition, B.