Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet you at Arni's!

Marilyn Hughes Franz, one of my classmates from Jefferson High School Class of 1972 posted this on our FB page and I thought it was worthy of sharing:

I am involved in the HONOR FLIGHT here in Lafayette. We send WWII veterans on a one day trip to Washington DC to see the WWII Memorial. We have two flights coming up. One in September and one in October. The flights leave from the Purdue airport on a charter plane early in the morning and come back that evening. We are having a fundraiser ( Tip a Soldier) at Arni's Market Square Tuesday, August 7 from 5-9. If you live in the Lafayette area, please come and support our cause. Korea and Viet Nam vets will go on future flights.  Soldiers will be there helping the waitresses and tips will be donated to the Honor Flight. Thanks everyone!

I'm planning to go there before guild tonight!

Meet you at Arni's!

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Marilyn Popplewell said...

Ruthie, I wasn't in your class, but you and Dan can always sit at my table. Blessings.