Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stacey's Civil War Quilt

Stacey started this quilt years ago and it was a block of the month at Quilter's Harvest.
By the way, Quilter's Harvest is going out of business. They have been trying to sell the business for a couple years now, and haven't had any luck, so they are just selling everything and closing their doors. It's sad that we will no longer have a quilt shop locally. There is Rossville Quilts, but it's a stretch for me to run out there on my lunch hour. Anyway, back to Stacey's quilt...

In between the time that she started this and now, she has gone back to school and gotten a degree in nursing, so her time has been spent studying rather than quilting. But, she got it back out and finished it up. There are 2 of each block in different colors and it is just lovely.

She chose Bountiful Feathers, and I used Omni Light Tan thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

It was a joy to quilt as it laid nice and flat. She was so tickled to show it at guild last night that she let two other members hold it up so she could see it too.  It's good to see you back at guild Stacey!

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Jennifer said...

The quilt (and quilting) are great, but that is sad about quilters harvest. Hate to lose such a nice shop.