Friday, October 25, 2013

Darle's Doll Quilts and Table Topper

Darle used to own a shop called Darle's Dolls and Bears. I would imagine she has lots of doll quilts. She made these 2 little cute doll quilts. I just love them!

The first one is just triangles and I quilted continuous curves and a feather border to match.

This one is just strips and I quilted molar feathers going in opposite directions.

Lucky for me the number of strips was divisible by 2. A border design to match this one also.

Seeing these cute quilts makes me want to make some too. You know all those leftovers from your last project. They would be perfect for this kind of quilt. I see some in my future!

This little table topper had me stumped. It is a twisted log cabin and I couldn't decide on a custom design.

I really had no idea how to quilt it and finally decided on Maple Dance panto.

The density of this panto is not very consistent, so I added some echo quilting to some of the leaves.

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