Monday, October 7, 2013

Janet's Purple Strings

Janet made this quilt to be donated to the Vision of Hope facility here in Lafayette. Our guild has been making quilts for them since before they opened their doors. They requested quilts with Purple in them, as all their linens are lavender.

I chose Angel Wings panto and Permacore Lilac thread, along with a poly batting. I'm not used to the poof of poly batting, but it's one that I had here, so I thought this was a great time to use it up.

The lime green in this one really makes all the colors pop. Here is a truer shot of the green fabric.

I'm sure the young woman that uses this quilt will feel the love that it was made with.


Mimi said...

Angel wings is perfect for this project. I wouldn't have thought of using that other than on little girl quilts, but you proved me wrong. Nice job.

Dar said...

I like your purple/green strings quilt and the recipient will love it. Nice job.