Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kathy's Memory Quilts

A former co-worker and good friend lost her mother in a tragic accident last summer. I offered to make her a memory quilt from her mothers clothing. She thought that would be a wonderful idea and so did two of her sisters.

I started working on them late summer by cutting the clothes apart and then fusing interfacing to the knit shirts. My plan was to have them finished by Christmas and that was fine with her. Until she found out that the sentencing of the young woman that ran over her mother was going to be December 16th. She asked if I could have them done by then. I worked some long hours to get these two queen and one king size quilts ready for her to pick up on the 16th.

Kathy has fond memories of attending the Purdue Christmas show with her mom so she asked for a Christmas themed queen size quilt.

One sister wanted blue and the other had no preference. Their mom love flowers and always had a perfectly manicured yard complete with flowers all around it. So, I chose floral prints for both of these.

 Meander quilting in a cream thread and flannel backing on all three.

My hope is that these quilts provide comfort to them for a long time.


Wonky Girl said...

That was wonderfully awesome of you to make those quilts. People don't realize how much work is involved. But besides that I'm sure they will get much pleasure from those quilts, they turned out so pretty.

Jennifer said...

Wonderful quilts!