Monday, January 30, 2017

UFO Finish

We had to have our furnace replaced this week and had ductwork added and central air. We are so pleased with the finished product. Talking with the installer we discovered he is raising a 9-month old baby boy on his own. I said to him, "I make quilts!. It's what I do!" So, I went in search of a UFO for a little boy.

I found this top from a guild hexagon swap in 2012. There were 10 of us and we each cut 10 hexagons of 10 different fabrics. So, we each ended up with the same hexagons and we could put them together as we wanted. This has been a top for a long time.
I quilted it with Becker's Shooting Stars and applied machine binding. Told him that it's an I-Spy quilt and he can play games with his little boy when he's a little older

How cute are these hexagons?

It's good to have this one finished and off the UFO list.


Jennifer said...

Hooray - a UFO done and a wonderful gift at the same time!

Mimi said...

How sweet of you. The quilt is adorable and I am sure the baby and your heat guy are going to love it.