Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beat the Blues Day 14

This was a busy day, quilting and otherwise. I loaded Mary's Buffalo Bubblegum quilt and started quilting first thing.  This one got custom quilting. Something I don't do very much of. I had a good start on it and took a break to browse a Facebook. There was a post on Jamie Wallens page and in the comments he was talking about doing all the SID first. I was still towards the top of the quilt, so that changed plans and did just that.

I can't wait till tomorrow t take a full photo of this one.

I got a haircut today, got some healthy groceries and even cut some squares out of some more scraps. Oh, and it is Valentines day so we had a nice dinner along with a glass of win for me.

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Mimi said...

Love your quilting on this one.