Saturday, February 11, 2017

Best The Blues Days 10&11

More than 20 minutes each day.

Yesterday I quilted this beautiful bow tie quilt which Carla made. She participated in a bow tie block swap do all the quilters had the same blocks to work with.

Siberian Iris quilting with Maple Omni thread.

I stared at Mary's Buffalo Bubblegum quilt to figure out a quilting plan. I finally gave up and this morning I got Loretta's quilt ready to load.

Today I packed up my sewing machine and spent the day with Quilters United. We make quilts for several different organizations. I put binding on these 4 today. Yes, two are the same. They will likely go to the Peyton Manning Children's hospital in Indy.

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Joanne said...

I love working with binding, and think yours look great. Thanks for doing this for such a wonderful cause. :-)