Friday, May 30, 2008


Last Sunday I started out the day going to Lowe's to get cord for the weed-eater and ended up in the yard almost the entire day.

Not only did I trim the entire yard, and there's a bunch because there are rock-edged flower beds around the entire house, but then I pulled some weeds and planted 2 flats of flowers. These are Vincas, which I haven't planted here before, along with some marigolds coming up from the seeds of last years plants.

Here's some shots of some of the blooms around the yard.

Dan is the official hedge trimmer around here and he does such a great job. I am always amazed when he's finished at how smooth they look. That's part of the reason that I wanted to trim last Sunday, so that the rest of the yard looked as good as the hedge.


Linda C. said...

Oh, Ruthie . . . what are those yummy pinks growing on your porch trellis? I love them!

Carol said...

Your yard looks wonderful! I especially like all the pink flowers with the greens of the grass and shrubs. :D