Saturday, May 24, 2008

High School Graduations

They are happening all across the country in big cities and little towns. You may be attending one, or several this year. It has been a few years since I went to one, but I attended my grandson's graduation at Cascade High School on Friday evening. The ceremony was wonderful and I actually got goosebumps when the band started playing "Pomp and Circumstance."

The only thing prouder than a mom watching her child walk across that stage to accept their diploma is................ watching her daughter watch her child walk across that stage.

I am so proud of Tony, who will be attending Indiana State University in the Fall after working this summer at the National Group.
GREAT JOB Julie & Jim!


Amanda said...

High school graduation seems to be a specifically American institution. Our youngsters have graduation ceremonies from University - I proudly attended my older son's ceremony a few years ago - but nothing from their secondary schools. You are rightly proud of your daughter and her husband - it isn't easy to raise a child, especially these days where there are so may problems and temptations for them to contend with

Lori said...

It is touching.The speeches are always inspirational.Congrats to your entire family!