Friday, May 23, 2008

"Follows Directions"

Last night I put together my block of the month from Rossville Quilts for next Wednesday. If I were still in school, my report card would look something like this:

Here is my finished block..........looks pretty good wouldn't you say? It is exactly the same layout as the sample photo in the instructions.

These little white lines below show how the block should have been assembled, a 16-patch, with half- and quarter-square triangles.
But, my graphic designer mind said, "Ruthie, you can put that same image together much easier than making all those quarter-square triangles."

So I drew the block in Adobe Illustrator and used those measurements to make my block.


Lori said...

LOL! At least, You seem to play well with others! You are too Funny.Thanks for the laugh!

Howdy said...

I do that all the time only I redraw it in EQ6 and then size it the size I need.

I'm all about streamlining the process... where ever I can.

Linda C. said...

Good for you, Ruthie! I can never understand why some think that multiple seams make a block easier to construct! I'm always eliminating seams, if I have the fabric to do it. I had a couple Shop Hop blocks with limited amounts of fabrics that required I do it the "hard way", but I wasn't happy about it!