Monday, May 5, 2008

Miles of Smiles

We had the pleasure of watching Andrew this weekend and what a joy he is! But what a handful, too. I cannot believe how much time it takes to watch a one year old. I loaded a quilt on Saturday morning thinking I could quilt while he was napping, or even playing quietly next to me. Nope, it wasn't gonna happen. For one thing, by the time he went down for a nap, I was ready for one also. But sometimes there were more important things to do, like do the dishes, or even go to the bathroom. I don't know how Julie gets anything done at home. She just started a blog, so I hope she posts lots of photos.

He enjoyed playing the guitar with his Grandpa Dan. I'm so sorry that I didn't get a photo of that.

A year ago we watched him overnight and took him to Target to get his first pictures taken at two weeks old. Since he just had his birthday I thought pictures were in order, so we went back to Target and got some really cute shots. I am so surprised that Target still uses film for their photos and that you have to wait 2 weeks for them. Seems like they would be able to do them while-you-wait. Well, that probably wouldn't be a good thing either as it seemed to take a very long time with a one-year-old..... over an hour! Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese with Jason and granddaughters, Jessica and Courtney. You would think that the little guy would be worn out by then, but he took a power nap in the car on the 5 minute drive home, so was bright-eyed and ready to play when we pulled into the driveway.


Candace said...

Aren't grandchildren a joy! I have quite a few, and I love them all, but it was just as they say, wonderful to be with them, and wonderful to give them back to Mom and Dad. They are a reward.

Maya said...

With an almost-8 month old of mine, I've given up on being able to doing any sewing. I thought he'd play by himself quietly and I could sew then, but the most he does that for is 5 minutes; after which he wants to be held and otherwise entertained.