Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots'O Meat Lasagna

Well, I guess that spending a couple days with JudyL brought out the cook in me. I don’t generally do a lot of cooking around here. Dan loves to cook on the grill/smoker and there is usually something yummy in the works. He also has a few specialty recipes that he makes that don’t get cooked outside. Either Monday or Tuesday we saw a bit of the Paula Dean show on the Food Network and she was making Lots 'O Meat Lasagna that looked really good. I printed off the recipe yesterday and headed for the grocery when I got off work. I bought enough to make 2 pans of it, thinking I would take one to Julie this weekend. It turned out great and is certainly a recipe I will use again.

I did remember to take a few photos as I was assembling.

The recipe calls for Oven Ready Lasagna Noodles and I don’t think I have tried these before, but I remembered that Julie had and wasn’t impressed. I guess they have come a long way because they worked great and tasted good also. I think the secret to these is to make sure they don’t overlap. They certainly do look translucent, don’t they.

Janet stopped by to get a photo of her Redwork Quilt taken so she can enter it in the Columbus, OH quilt show in June. I’d say she had perfect timing because not long after the photos were taken, the lasagna and garlic bread were ready to eat. We enjoyed our dinner and then I showed her all my goodies from Paducah.

Not really wanting to start on something new, I got out my Grandmothers Flower Garden blocks to have something to do during American Idol. I think I started these about 4-5 years ago and mostly only work on them in the car on long trips. I took them to Paducah in case I had extra time, but didn’t work on them until I was at the hospital during Julie’s surgery on Saturday.


Connie W said...

Lasagna is one of my favorite foods and yours looks so good. The noodles are so different; all I can find around here are the basic ones in the grocery.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love hexagons and now they are hip and turning up all over. I want to try that lasagna. But I've never seen "oven ready" noodles before. hmmm

Judy Laquidara said...

Hey! Don't blame that cooking on me! :) I love good lasagna and will try that recipe. It's so nice to be able to make it and keep some in the freezer.