Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all!

We are enjoying a quiet Christmas Day here. Our celebration with our children was on Saturday afternoon. When trying to schedule 5 different households into one time frame, you never know when you might have Christmas.

Far-away Christmas greetings!!
My son in the US Army, Jeff, didn't make it home thanks to the airlines. He drove to Raleigh, NC and flew to Washington DC. His flight to Indy was overbooked and all subsequent flights were also, so he rented a car and drove the 4-5 hours back home. He certainly was missed this year! We love you Jeff!!

My stepson, Cory didn't make it to Indiana this year either. He and his girlfriend, Mandy, are enjoying christmas in Lafayette, Colorado, without a crockpot I might add. We ordered one from Amazon.com on December 11th and it was supposedly shipped on the 13th, or so says Amazon. UPS has no record of if being picked up. So we will be crockpot shopping tomorrow.

I received a mulling spicebag to put into a crockpot with a bottle of red wine from my daughter and today I'm enjoying my second bottle of wine using it. It sure is making my back feel better. I pulled something in my back on Monday morning at work. My company just moved to a new building and I have been really careful about lifting too much, but tweeked it really good this time.

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