Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Wall Monday - August 2, 2010

Well, my design wall looks very similar to last weeks.
I have sewn sashing to all the rows and have sewn pairs of rows together. Why didn't I make much progress, you ask?

Well, I work from 8-5 M-F as a graphic designer at a printing company. Evenings and over the weekend here's what I quilted for customers. All afternoon Saturday, a friend was over to quilt one of hers, so I didn't get anything quilted during that time.

It was a BUSY week!


Barbara said...

I love your fabrics.

Diane said...

thank goodness quilts on design walls are so patient--more patient than the quilters who put 'em up there, I think! :)

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I just went through a box of my mom's fabrics that now live in the corner of my living room, and found some white kona and some really cool blue/green/teal/bright stuff that will look perfect like that! I love it!

glen in louisian: copying!