Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shipshewana 2012

This year's retreat can be summed up in just one word....SUCCESS! We had such a great time. We have the dates set for the next 2 years and I can't believe we have to wait 360 days for the next one.

Here are some shots of the room as we were getting setup.

Those big windows are just wonderful and the lighting in the room was great, even at night.  My plan was to have 5 people share a group of 4 tables. We had several groups that wanted to sit together and had 7 at a group of 4 tables, which worked out great for everyone and left some open tables for laying out blocks and such.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

I'm missing it already!!! Can't wait for next year!!

Marilyn Popplewell said...

Another fabulous time at the Threads of Mine Shipshewana 2012 retreat. Ruthie, thank you again for everything, the retreat truly was another great success due to your planning. Hello to all of the ladies who attended and I hope to see you next year. Jane O and I are all signed up and can't wait to see all of you in 2013. Blessings to everyone.

Jennifer said...

It was great Ruthie! Thanks for all you do to make it happen.