Friday, February 8, 2013

Kitchen Utensils

I spent a little time the past couple of weeks making this test block for Kristy over at Quiet Play. She has designed these wonderful paper pieced patterns called Sew Retro.

The tines of the whisk and spatula  are only 1/8" finished so it took a while. I usually use my "Add a 1/4" ruler for paper piecing, but this time I purchased an "Add a 1/8" and this one worked perfect!

I'm not a real lover of all things retro, but this one caught my eye. The pattern that Katy made is just adorable. So, if you like paper piecing go check it out.

I chose to make the hanging utensils because it made me feel a bit nostalgic. You see, my mom had a hanging utensil rack on the wall next to the stove when I was growing up. The rack was metal and the utensils had wooden handles.  The kitchen was yellow with daisy highlights. So, my fabric choices were based on my memory of that utensil rack.
Here is an image of a similar set, but the wood on these is pretty dark.

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Mimi said...

Very cute; and I love the story behind it, too. I guess that is what makes it nostalgic.