Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sally and Lisa's Purple Mountains

Lisa and her friend Saally put this beautiful quilt together. Lisa brought it to be quilted and chose a new pantograph for me to use. The colors in this photo don't do it justice, but the closeup is much better.

The quilt is all batiks and is just beautiful.

I purchased Ponderosa Pines from Meadowlyn for their quilt. It's a very intensive design and each pass took over 30 minutes. It would be a wonderful pattern for a computerized machine, but to do it by hand was a bit much. Also, I really like patterns that interlock and this one just ends at the same point all the way across. I'm not at all sure I will use it again, so if there is anyone that is interested in having it, it's yours.

Sally and Lisa make a great team when it comes to working together to create a masterpiece!

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Sally said...


I'd love to take that pattern off your you still have my mailing address? Let me know if you need it again. Sally