Monday, January 7, 2019

January Week 1 Quilting

I started the year off with a bang. 4 of my own UFOs have been quilted, have binding sewn on by machine and are awaiting hand sewing. One is in progress while we watch Frontier on Netflix.

Here's my Quilt In A Day Braid quilt, assembled in 2012, according to this blog.

Mary'l Love and Roses panel quilt with Hearts and Roses quilting.

 This is Marietta's Double Wedding Ring quilt. It has been waiting months to be done. I was feeling very intimidated by it but I told her it would be done in 2018. I was 2 days late, but I love it and I think it was worth the wait.

New granddaughter, Gracie's pink foxy quilt.

Gracie made this beautiful cancer ribbon quilt and I quilted it with Cancer Awareness Ribbon panto.

This is a tshirt quilt made by April with Turbulence quilting.

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