Friday, January 9, 2009

Elizabeth & Andrew

Now what kind of grandma would I be if I didn't post more photos of Elizabeth on her 1 week birthday?

So here you go.....

Elizabeth and Andrew:

From the hospital:

Proud parents:

This is the funniest shot of the grandmas, when we got our first glimpse of Elizabeth:

Elizabeth and her daddy:

Elizabeth and her brothers:


Purple and Paisley said...

can you imagine what those poor little babies think of us grandmas grinning like fools right in their faces? lol...that is so funny and exactly what i did with my (3) grandbabies, too! congratulations!

Diana said...

What a Beautiful baby! And a true blessing to add to your family. I loved the picture of the Grammas!

Mel said...

Cute! I love it when little kids hold tiny-er babies!
How fun! I can't wait until my SIL has hers, I love to hold new babies!

Anonymous said...

How sweet they both are!

bopeep said...

Ruthie, you really have some Beautiful Grandbabies !!!!

Mimi said...

Those are great pix! Thanks for sharing them with us.