Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nickels, Nickels, and More Nickels!

Last night after a guild executive meeting, where I really should have tried to restrain myself - I went home and cut up nickels....5" squares, in case you didn't know that. The Common Threads guild is doing Nickel Swaps each month this year instead of Fat Eighth Swaps every other month. Each month has a different color and participants purchased a folder for $1 with ziplock bags labeled with the months/colors and a space for their name. Janet and I will collect the nickels one month and sort them out and return the ziplock bags to their owners the next month. We are cutting up 2/3 yard of fabric into 15 pairs of nickels. Some members have opted to buy 2 folders so they will be using 2 different fabrics and cutting 30 sets.

When we were planning for the Nickel Swap, we made 25 folders and joked about having only our own fabrics to swap. Boy, were we surprised when we ran out of folders at the December meeting and made a list of about 15 more members that paid for a folder. I started putting together another 25 folders last night and even handed some out at the executive meeting.

So, anyway, I cut my nickels for the January and February sets for that swap. I also joined a Yahoo Nickel Group a while back and last night I cut up 5 sets of two Christmas and two Valentines nickels.

I laid them all out to get a picture and then got distracted. You know where this is going, don't you! A while later, I went back into the sewing room and put all the nickels into their appropriate ziplocks and packaged the ones to be mailed. I left the house early today to go to the post office and here I sit............without a photo of my nickels! I know it's not such a terrible thing, I just wish I could concentrate on one thing at a time instead of jumping from project to project. but, I guess that's how my brain works and I should just get used to it.


Howdy said...

Oh gee I wish I had a 'nickel' for every time I got distracted and forgot what I was planning to do. And yes I've many times looked through my digital camera for pictures I planned to take... but apparently didn't.

I am still using nickels from a swap I participated in a few years back... lots of fun. This year I hope to put a bigger dent in those and complete a 'nickel quilt' project I had started way back when.

Ruthie said...

Our guild will be having a workshop in early 2010 to use our nickels. I have a very nice Sterilite container filled with nickels from previous swaps....hosted by Dawn Marie, I think. So we might have some of the same nickels.

GARI said...

The one thing I know is that "distracted/forgetting" thing isn't just old age. I remember when I was 21, standing in a room and turning around and around, trying to remember why I had walked in. Never did remember. LOL

janetsue2 said...

You probrably just have so much going on in your life it's hard to remember everything. It will get better,.Ill see you on Saturday.