Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm a Winner x 2

Or this post could be called, "How I added 10.25 yards to my stash!"

I belong to a Yahoo Stashbusting group and joined the UFO challenge last year (this year also). We sent in two FQs to join. Everyone's name is on a list and the person at the top of the list is the Queen. She has one week to finish a UFO, or pay a penalty of one FQ. If she finishes, her name goes to the bottom. We let the hostess know each time we finish a listed UFO and at that time our name goes to the bottom of the list. There are winner's names drawn each quarter and FQs that were sent in for penalties are those prizes. At the end of the year two names are drawn to split the remaining FQs and, YEP, my name was drawn. I received 41 FQs that I have added to my stash. I intended to take them to Julie's house yesterday to see if she wanted any of them, but I forgot, so they are all added.

Another winning announcement....

Terri was celebrating her birthday all week and held a giveaway each day. I was one of the lucky winners and on Friday, I received this lovely cup cozy and a wonderful pattern, Little Jelly bags, from her.
Thank you so much for your generosity!

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Suze said...

Now that is the way to add to your stash with out subtracting from your pocketbook.