Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mini-Charmer Workshop #1

Today I taught a Mini-Charmer guild workshop with Janet's help. There were only seven of us there because of the nasty weather we had overnight. It was pretty icy this morning and it snowed off and on all day long. But we were toasty warm inside making Mini-Charmer and Charm Party bags and enjoying Hot Mommas in the morning, White Chili for lunch and lots of snacks throughout the day. Cathy made a Diet Coke run and that put her a bit behind, but everyone went home with a mostly completed bag. Cathy, Cheryl, and Janet L. took their bags home to do the topstitching on the top edge of their bags on their other machines at home. Marty was, of course, the first to finish and even started a second bag. Her sister, Fran, wasn't too far behind her and did a wonderful job considering she is a new quilter. Cheryl left for a volunteer meeting for a couple hours this morning, but still finished her bag except for that top edge.

I would post photos for you, but my camera is drying out in front of a fan. Oh, boy, I hope it drys out! When we were leaving, I dropped a half-empty bottle of water into my purse that must not have been closed all the way. I didn't realize it until I went to plug in my camera and it was dripping.

I didn't use charm squares for my bag today because I had this really cute long-arm novelty fabric that I thought would make a cute bag. The lining I used is cheater fabric with bright squares.

This was a test-run of sorts for me because we're teaching this workshop next weekend to 30+ guild members. It's always good to have a test run because now I know what to stress and make many reminders about, like topstitching the pocket flap and leaving a 7" opening in the bottom of the lining.

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