Monday, January 19, 2009

The Perfect Sunday Afternoon!

Look who I got to spend time with yesterday:

Andrew seems to like his I-Spy quilt. Can you tell that he wouldn't hold still?

Elizabeth was content in my arms for a little bit, but not for long. She was hungry and once she had a bottle, she drifted off to sleep. It just doesn't get much better than this:

Andrew was very fascinated by my appliqueing and I had to be very careful where my needle at all times. I know he likes to watch his mom at the sewing machine and he has always liked to watch the longarm.

He's pretty good with the crayons, too, and they have the coolest toys and puzzles for kids these days. I was very entertained also.

Darn, I didn't get any pictures of Matt, who spent most of the afternoon in his room on the computer.

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gracie said...


You are such a natural w/those precious little ones!!!! And your smile truly spells *JOY* :)