Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Diaper Cake and the Baby Shower

I made a Diaper Cake for the shower and it was a HIT! I was so proud of it and it really wasn't that hard to make. I used 68 diapers, each one rolled up and secured with a ponytail rubberband. There are 2 bottles in the center and large rubber bands holding each round of diapers.

We played the game where you have to remember everything on a tray, but, I used the cake to display the items, rather then place them on a tray. They were secured with some pretty pink ribbon and look how cute that bib fits over the top bottle.

This is an idea that I will use again!
I'm so disappointed that I didn't get a picture of Shelly with her quilt, but she loved it.

Here's the cupcake tree:

Vicki holding Elizabeth. You can't see it, but she is smiling!

Here's Trinity, the soon-to-be Big Sister:

Here's how you eat a cupcake "Andrew Style!"


Anonymous said...

Andrew is sooo.... cute and next to Elizabeth he is looking like a big boy already. I love the diaper cake with all of the little gifts around it.Janet

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This looks so fun. I love showers. The "cake" is adorable.