Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilt Camp Summary

What a great time we had at quilt camp. Rossville Quilts sponsored this one and it was held at camp Tecumseh, which is a wonderful place for quilt camp. A great big THANK YOU to Marcia, Kyla, Martha, and Charlotte from Rossville Quilts and Christine from Camp Tecumseh, who all worked hard to make this a successful event.

My first project wasn’t really a quilting project, but one that I wanted to get finished. I put ribbing on these cute tea towels to make bibs for Andrew and Elizabeth.....cute, don’t you think. If you have babies, be sure to pick up tea towels when they go on clearance to make some really cute bibs. I only took one color of ribbing, so they all got the same one.

Pillow Cases
This was my next project and I’m only a couple months late in getting these finished. They were made to go with Jeff and DanĂ©’s wedding quilt. Another quick, easy project, and I taught Christine from Camp Tecumseh how to make them and she made one for her brother, who is in the US Navy.

Marlene’s Memory Blocks
Next up was finishing the swap blocks for memory quilts. I completed the last 20 blocks for this, but somehow didn’t get a picture of them.....Later, I promise.

One Block Wonder
This one took FOREVER! I can’t believe how small it is, and how long it took me to assemble it. I couldn’t decide on borders, so this is how it sits for now. I have fabric to do another one, but the blocks will be MUCH LARGER for the next one.

Fall Leaves and Birds Table Runner
This was a kit that I won at a retreat several years ago. I believe the name of this pattern is 1st grade, but I could be wrong. I love how the center fabric looks three-dimensional. I hope it still has that effect after it is quilted. I am thinking of adding prarie points on the outside edge also. The inside ones took quite a bit of time, but I really lik how they turned out.

Bistro Table Runner
I had 4 blocks made for this table runner called Christmas Star and decided to only use 3 of them and make it a bit smaller than the original one. I plan to use a border print from the Bistro line for the backing and then it will be a gift for a co-worker. I can make something for myself with the leftover block.

I feel good about the projects I finished and look forward to quilting some of them


jillquilts said...

Wow! You did great! Love the OBW! The colors are awesome!

Jessica said...

I have the OBW book, but I've never had the time/courage/energy to even give it a thought. Maybe someday...
For the bibs, do you just cut a hole in the tea towels and add the ribbing? I'd love to see pictures of how its done, if you don't mind :)

Anna said...

I'm impressed ! You really accomplished a lot. I'm off to a quilt retreat this weekend. I hope I'm as productive as you were !
I love the OBW. The colors are wonderful.

Your Dick and Jane quilt is great. I love how you quilted it. How do you like the CL ? I'm thinking about making the investment.

bopeep said...

Ruthie, it sounds like you had a great time at quilt camp. I guess I have about the same question as Jessica, about the bibs, what size hole do you cut for the ribbing and did you do it on your serger?
Prayers, Bo

Kathy Wagner said...

Looks like lots of fun! I am going to quilt retreat on Monday...can't wait!
I especially love your one block wonder quilt!