Monday, March 15, 2010

Design Wall Monday

As you can see, my design wall is empty, but I still wanted to show it. Julie and I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning, rearranging, and filling a very large box with items for our guild auction. I took lots of small totes with projects in them to my batting storage unit, along with my sewing machine rolling tote, Gem Gold machine and assorted other stuff. The room is only 10' x 10' so there's not a whole lot of room. It's so much nicer to be in here now. I stitched a few bindings on last night, but didn't really want to make a mess. We'll see how long it lasts.....

The design wall is behind the door in this photo.

This dresser is actually Dan's and all but 2 drawers have his clothes in them. The drawers I have claimed are: one for my embroidery stuff and one for my serger stuff. Makes it really convenient.

Look, you can actually see the wall. The ironing board and fabric stash used to be in front of the other window. Seems like there's lots more room this way.

The 7-drawer cabinet has mostly craft supplies in it, although there's one drawer with thread. One has ribbon, one has zippers and velcro, one has buttons, and one has markers and glue. It's so nice to have it organized.

I still have that canvas bag full of patterns to go through and I'll probably have a bunch of those for the auction.


Diane said...

Oh isn't it amazing what happens when you clear out and re-arrange!

Candace said...

Everything looks so nice. I need to do some of the same.