Monday, March 29, 2010

Back From Shipshewana

I'm home and everything's put away and the laundry is finished.

First off, here's some cupcake eaters even in their jammies.

This is the dress shirt quilt that I finished at retreat. The back will be made using the leftover pastel shirts.

Here is my finished Fig Tree Club table topper. I'm a little iritated that the pattern had a mistake in it, but it turned out well anyway. For the 8.5" setting triangles, you don't need to cut 8 from the left and 8 from the right. They are exactly the same.

Here are my leader/ender blocks that I finished this weekend.

For the October Shipshewana Retreaters, here are some photos of the room we will be sewing in.


julieQ said...

It all looks like soooo much fun! I really love the shirtings pretty.

Karen said...

Thanks for the sneak peak at our sewing room. October 2010 seemed so far away when I first signed up. Now it's coming fast. I can't wait.