Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vicki's Mystery Quilt

A co-worker came over on Sunday and quilted her first quilt on Mabel. She did a wonderful job and I'm sure this is only the first of many quilts for her.


merrily row said...

And Mabel would be your long arm machine? What type? Why did you pick her? and Why oh Why did you name her Mabel?

Ruthie said...

Yes, mabel is my Gammill Premier Plus and she arrived on July 19, 2007. I picked her because I really didn't want to spend more than 10K and she ran smooth as can be and the stand seemed much sturdier than say the HQ16 for around 9K. I can trade it up if I want and probably will in a year or so. I can quilt up to 14" deep and the frame is 12' long.
Mabel got her name because she lives in a bar room. She replaced the pool table and my husband has memories of a commercial with a bartender named Mabel selling Black Label beer.