Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts!

Last night I finished the 3rd memory quilt that Lisa made. She has one more to bring to me and then lots of binding to apply.

I finally sewed these string blocks together, using the first layout and put the first border, a thin red one, on.

I loaded this flying geese quilt this morning and quilted it using my Circle Lord Swirls template, PermaCore Dyed Natural thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Then I added borders to the Quilt of Valor. Oops, I didn't take a picture of it yet. I'll do that tomorrow.....

Next up, I loaded this bright orange quilt that was one of JudyL's patterns from her Labor day challenge. One of my guild friends, Darle, saw this quilt top and being the ORANGE LOVER that she is, fell in love with it. She even has orange tennis shoes and she has no idea that I have it quilted now and just have to do the binding on it. She is going through a pretty rough time with cancer right now, so I will be so happy to present this to her.

The I loaded my green Pineapple Blossom quilt and it is about halfway finished now, but I needed to take a break. I am using the Fan part of my Circle Lord FanClam template and it is looking good.

As of a couple hours ago, I have a new daughter-in-law. I can't wait to see photos of their wedding. I'm sure their private ceremony at a waterfall in Hawaii was just beautiful. Welcome to our family, Dane`


Candace said...

Congratulations to your son and his new wife. The quilts are beautiful, I especially like the orange one for your friend. I'm sure that it will comfort her during this hard time.

Mary Johnson said...

Wow, you've been really busy. I love BF's on quilts - I'm sure it's going to look great.

Nanette Merrill said...

Lovely work Ruthie. So nice for your family.

Elaine Adair said...

This first blue quilt is one of my favorite blocks - Mary's Triangles? Very pretty.