Monday, June 7, 2010

Another quilt of Roberta's and Lois' Batiks

I finished this one up on Saturday. It has quite a few stains, but I have had pretty good luck with washing these and the stains coming out most of the way. I'm not sure of the pattern, but it could be Caesar's crown, Grecian star, or Whirling Wheel, according to the Encyclopedia of Quilt Blooks.

The background is meandered and the pieced block has CC's. The thread it Permacore Eggshell and the batting is Hobbs poly, a thicker batting to help with the fullness of some of the blocks.

And the back:

This one was made by Lois and is the 2nd one of the same fabrics and design. Her piecing is wonderful and it laid flat as can be.

The thread is Permacore white, the batting is Warm & White and the quilting is Fay Feathers

And the back:

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julieQ said...

What gorgeous quilts! I really love the first one...looks quite difficult, and your quilting accents the pieces to perfection.