Friday, May 10, 2013

Carole's Nursing Quilt

When Carole arrived in Lafayette a few weeks ago on her way to Paducah, she dropped off a quilt that she really wanted to take back to Maryland with her less than a week later. I have lots of quilts waiting, but I was able to work her quilt in and took it to her at Janet.s the night before they left.

I must say that I have never quilted a quilt that had plastic tubing on it before!

Or a stuffed felt heart!

There are some very creative and pretty blocks in this quilt made by nurses. It will be on display at her local hospital.

The quilting is just SID and a meander in the red border fabrics. I quilted around some of the center designs even though she said the blocks didn't need any quilting. I thought it should have some since the blocks were so large.

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