Friday, May 10, 2013

Levi's T-Shirt Quilt

I got a call a few months ago from a dad asking about quilting a t-shirt quilt that had been made for his son who is graduating this month.  We worked out the details over the phone and he brought the quilt to me in April.

It was such a pleasure working with Walt and Becky. They brought the quilt, the backing, which was a very soft cotton sheet, and the batting, all in a rubbermaid tote. We decided on meandering with a gray/silver thread Onmi thread and the batting is cotton.

I finished it last week and he picked it up on Monday. Whoever put this one together did and EXCELLENT job. It layed perfectly flat and the layout is just stunning! How cute is this block?

I put the binding on and added a hanging sleeve for them.

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