Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tennessee Weekend

We drove to Tennessee this past weekend to visit Dan's son, Kale and his wife Lynn.  They bought a house and we were their first overnight guests.

We worked in the yard all day Sunday. Lynn and I pulled weeds from the front and side of the house.

Dan and Kale took care of the mowing. Their yard is a little under an acre, so there's lots of mowing in the front.

Not so much in the back as you can see a bit of the backyard here. They are planning to terrace the back into a garden area. That will be a lot of work.

I don't drink much anymore and more than a glass of wine makes me a bit loopy, as you can see here. No operating machinery for me!

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fiberobsession said...

Looks like a fun time. You are looking amazing! I saw a pic of you this week when you were many pounds heavier and it was hard to believe it was the same person. Congratulations!