Monday, February 11, 2008

The Baby Bunny Quilters

Debbie(on the right) and Peggy spent Sunday afternoon quilting the bunny quilt for Debbie's brand new granddaughter. Debbie isn't a quilter, or at least she wasn't a quilter until Peggy recently assumed my role of long-ago. Debbie is married to my ex-husbands brother and we spent lots of time together when our children were young............camping, sewing, crafts, baking/decorating cakes, clipping coupons, Brownies/Day Camp, standing in line at Zayre's Department Store in the middle of the night to get Cabbage Patch Kids for our get the idea, you name it and I tried it and then got Debbie to try it.

Debbie reminded me of her first attempt at cake decorating and apparently I thought she needed to loosen up and kept the peach schnapps or brandy, I can't remember which, flowing pretty good. She finished that cake long ago, just like she finished quilting these bunnies yesterday (minus the alcohol, although I did offer to make her a drink!).

Peggy is a quilter and helped Debbie put this quilt together. I am SO PROUD of Debbie and this quilt. It will be an heirloom for that darling little baby girl. Neither one of them had done any machine quilting, but before long, Mabel was stitching away. I'm sure there will be many more quilts done at my house for both of them.

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gracie said...

Ruthie......what an adorable quilt! And what a wonderful friend you are to those gals. No surprise there :)