Thursday, February 7, 2008

Groovy Garden

That's what I think this quilt should be titled.
Last night I loaded and quilted another quilt for Suzanne. I have one more to do for her and am so amazed at her designs. The fabrics are fruits and veggies and the panto is Feeling Groovy by Michelle Wyman & Terri Watson. The thread is PermaCore Camel 30 Tex. Once again I say that I love the color of this thread. It goes with just about anything.

More photos here.


Bon said...

This is really neat. Reminds me of a table cloth I made for my mom using vegetable and fruit fabric. It was the Jar pattern. Love the quilting on it.

Gizmo said...

Great quilt, and love the quilting!! I'm currently doing veggies for my new kitchen. Maybe I should just send them to you for the quilting.
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