Thursday, February 28, 2008

Organizing my Chaos

I like to think of myself as a pretty organized quilter. All my UFO's are in one area, and in zipper bags. All my WHIMM that I have made purchases for are in one area, all bagged up. My FQ's are all in baskets on shelves, and my yardage is sorted by color in wire drawers. My scraps are sorted by color in clear shoeboxes. My strings are sorted a couple different ways..........brights, RW&B, and all the rest. My orphan blocks are in a wire drawer. So, I'm feeling pretty darned organized...............until I go to a guild meeting and one of our members, Sossity, is doing a presentation on organized quilting. I think of myself as a pretty prolific quilter, but this girl is way beyond that. And she has a little child!! I have been using leaders and enders for a very long time and sometimes I even have had a purpose for sewing pieces together. Mostly it was leftover triangles from flying geese blocks or something similar that I might have had a sort-of plan for.

Well, after Sossity's program I got a bit more organized.

One of my in-the-near-future quilts will be one of Bonnie Hunter's, Bricks and Stepping Stones. This pattern needs 112 black and white 4-patches. I was cleaning off my sewing area and putting away some of my leftover scraps when I discovered that I didn't have anymore room in my black AND my white totes. Sossity doesn't buy more totes when hers are full, she puts together a kit using some of her scraps. So, I printed off this pattern and cut 2" black and white squares. They will be my leaders and enders for a while and when they are finished, I will have a great start on that quilt.


Laura said...

Hi Ruthie, Sossity really inspired me to get going with my organizing also. I am trying to not only do my quilting but my whole house. I loved your Carolina Crossroads quilt. It is gorgeous!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'll never be that organized. I think I have a missing organization gene. I can have some semblance of order, but that's about it. I can live with it and no one else is allowed in that room. (They might mess it
Regina in MI