Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pam's 10-Minute Blocks

It's no April fools joke, I'm back! First post in 2 months, whew!

I post pics of quilts on Facebook as I'm working on them but have neglected by poor blog. I'm probably just talking to myself now, but oh well.

Here is a quilt that Pam made using the 10-minute block technique.

She just wanted simple quilting with the exception of the block centers. I almost caught the sunlight just right to show the quilting in those centers

You can see the center design pretty well on the back:


Claire said...

A great center design. Isn't getting photos of quilting difficult! Especially here in the Pacific NW for the long rainy season.

Teri said...

Nope, I am still reading. Looks great.

Jennifer said...

Welcome back! Great centers!

Sarah said...

I'm still here - glad to see what you're working on!