Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How I Make Text a Link

Brigitte wanted to know how I do this, so here it is..........

This is how I link a word in my post to a new page.

While typing the post, I open a new window and go to the page that I wish to link to. Select the URL in the menu bar and copy it using the EDIT Menu or the keys Control and C.
Go back to the original post and highlight the word that you want to link. Then click on the link icon above the post. A new window will appear with the start of a URL.

Paste the URL from the link page and click OK.
The text in your post will be HTML and will look funny.

Click on Preview to make sure your linked word is a different color.


Brigitte said...

thank you so much, Ruthie - I'll practice it soon ;-)
answered personaly to the Shipshea question
Brigitte, German in Poland

Nicole and Phil said...

I have only found out how to do this recently...and I love it!

Your black and white quilt is gorgeous... Iam trying to use up my B & W's as well at the moment