Tuesday, March 4, 2008

T-shirt Quilts & Pottery Barn Baby Quilt

I did these 2 last week for a customer and used Colorburst LAVA thread. One of them has batting and flannel backing and the other has minkee backing and no batting. She did a great job piecing them and was happy with the quilting.

This same customer purchased a Pottery Barn bumper pad at Goodwill for $2. She took it apart and sewed it back together for a quilt. I echoed the shapes and did a squiggle around the blocks instead of SID due to the difference in fabrics.


janetsue2 said...

I love this quilt. I can not believe that this was a bumper pad.
It looks really good up close too!

Deb said...

They all look great! How did you like the Lava thread?? I have an order of several, but haven't used them yet.

Ruthie said...

Deb - I loved the LAVA thread. I used Permacore in the bobbin and didn't have a bit of trouble.