Saturday, April 19, 2008

FeatherMe Pantograph and Fabric Strips Workshop

OK, I have a new favorite pantograph as of last night. I quilted another Vision of Hope quilt, this one made by Sue G. and used one of my new pantographs, Feather Me, by Merideth England from Golden Threads. It is a 9" design and I just love it. Her back is white muslin and really shows the design well.

I attended a strip workshop today.......not exactly what you are thinking! These were fabric strips and everyone was working something different. I chose to make fish with my strips, but don't have a photo yet. They are gonna be cute though!


gracie said...


I really like that panto! You do such a great job on each quilt you work on :)


JudyL said...

Oh, Ruthie, I thought you were learning some new dance! :) That is a great panto.

Rhonda said...

Wow! I love that panto! Your quilting is wonderful.

Carole said...

That's a sweet pantho. I like it! Beautiful quilting! Thanks for sharing!