Wednesday, April 2, 2008

UFO Finish

I finished the binding on this one last week but forgot to post a photo and change my list. This is a 4-Patch Stacked Posie Supreme. You make the 4PSP blocks, add small borders to them and then cut wider strips from the stack of 4 repeats, cut them in half diagonally to make the triangle that go around the original blocks.

I started the borders with this Fusions fabric:

I soon ran out of the pretty blue, so I bought a half yard of what I thought I used while on a shop hop at Bits N Pieces. But it wasn't the same fabric. I wanted to finish it, so I used it anyway.

I ran out of that one when I was working on the second borders, so I bought this at Sew Sassy while driving through Illinois with my friend Shelly. And once again, it wasn't the same as either of the first two.

I figure there's enough going on in this one that it doesn't matter. The inner border is made using 2 of the above fabrics and even though the center is really random in the use of blues in the borders on the blocks, this border is pretty consistent with the same amount of the different fabric in each of the corners.


Mary aka "Denebir" or just plain "Dene" said...

Gorgeous Ruthie! And I wouldn't have noticed the different border fabrics from the photo if you hadn't pointed them out. I love this quilt!


Howdy said...

Very, very pretty Ruthie! And I looked back at your butterfly 4PSP and it is lovely as well - I like how you framed the alternate squares.

Rose Marie said...

A beautiful quilt, great colours and fabric choice and the outside border finishes it off nicely.

Linda_J said...

Ruthie, this is absolutely stunning. How clever of you to use the stacked pieces to cut the square in a square setting triangles! It is gorgeous.

I have a 4PSP started with 64 blocks. I'm afraid that I have gotten hung up on the sashing business---not the one with cornerstones so much but that narrow band. Yours inspires me to drag it back out and try again. Right now I would have to dig back in my archives about 8 months back to even point you to the blocks, LOL.