Friday, April 18, 2008

Shaking in Indiana

We had a 5.2 earthquake this morning, which I slept right through. Dan woke up, but didn't know what it was and it was over, so he went right back to sleep. It's pretty uncommon here in Indiana!
It's been fun to come to work and hear everyone's story about it.


Vera said...

My mother in law lives in Evansville IN. I tried calling her this morning but she wasn't home. Sure she is fine though and probably slept right through it. I saw the news, so glad no one got injured from it. Here in CA we have them all the time.

Amanda said...

Apparently we have frequent earthquakes here in the UK, but they're so small that people rarely notice them. There was one last year that brought down chimneys and one man was killed, but that is extremely rare.

Rhonda said...

Glad that no one got hurt and you slept right thru it. :c)